Career Advancement

Technical Skills

Projekt management and programming for IT-Projects
Hardware: IBM S/3x0, Intel PC, IBM AS/400, Siemens BS2000
Operation Systems: IBM ES/9000, IBM VSE/ESA, MS Windows 95, MS Windows 98, MS Windows 2000, Siemens BS2000
Programming languages: COBOL II, SQL, C/C++, Java (SWING and ATW), HTML 4.0, JavaScript 1.2, Basics in: 80x86-Assembler, PASCAL, Prololg
Development tools: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Dev-C++, Borland C++ Builder 3
Database: VSAM
Data communication: CICS, IMS/DC
Methods/Standards: structural Analysis, structural Design
Basic in: Object-oriented Programming

Customizer-related /
professional Know-how

Industry: Order, Logistic, Invoicing, Purchasing , Marketing and Information systems
E-Mail: Petra Mees